Peters Township Newcomers & Neighbors Bylaws
(Revised June 2012)

Article II - Purpose
The purpose of this club shall be to welcome newcomers to Peters Township, to help them
become a part of this community, to facilitate social orientation, and to participate in charitable
and civic projects.

Article III - Amendments
A committee shall be appointed by the President to revise the bylaws, as deemed necessary or
at a minimum every four years.  The bylaws shall then be presented and voted upon by the
Board and then the members of this Club.

Article IV - Membership
Membership in this Club shall be open to all women of Peters Township and those residing in
surrounding communities. A member in good standing is one whose dues are current.  A new
member is one who has not been an active paid member for a period of 2 years.

Article V - Dues
Dues for renewing members shall be payable at the September Kick-off. If dues are not paid by
October 31 the member shall be dropped from the membership list. New member dues must be
paid after attending two (2) PTNN functions. New members after January 1 shall pay reduced
dues. Dues shall be paid to the Treasurer.

The Board members shall establish the dues. These dues shall not be increased more than 25%
in one fiscal year unless voted on by the general membership. If there is an increase in the dues,
written notice of the amount of the dues and a reason for the increase must appear in the first
newsletter for that year. The amount of dues shall be noted under Standing Rule 1.

Article VI - Meetings
The Club shall hold an annual Kick-off meeting in September.  Any formal business requiring
membership voting may take place at this meeting.  Throughout the year, if events warrant full
membership action on an issue, communication will take place via email and/or written ballot.  If
an emergency meeting must be convened, a request for such can be submitted to the President
at the written request of a minimum of five (5) members.  The President will call a meeting giving
membership at least seven (7) days notice.  Quorum at such a meeting shall consist of the
majority in attendance.

The Board meetings shall be held monthly as determined by the Board. For voting purposes, a
quorum will constitute the majority of voting members in attendance.

Article VII - Officers
The Executive Board of the Club shall consist of the President, First Vice-President
(Membership), Second Vice-President (Programs), Recording Secretary, Treasurer,
Corresponding Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Civics & Services, Publicity Chairman, Ways &
Means and Parliamentarian. The term of office shall run from July I through June 30.  The
President shall preside for a two (2) year term.  All other officers will serve for a one (1) year

Article VIII - Election of Officers
In January, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee comprised of three people, at
least one of whom should be a general member. The proposed candidates will be announced at
the February Board Meeting and published in the March newsletter.  Nominations for any
additional candidates must be submitted to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee by April
1st.  Should any positions be uncontested, no election process will take place.  The nominees
will be confirmed by the Board at the April meeting.

Should there be more than one candidate for an office, the nominees will be announced to the
general membership by April 1st to be voted on by the general membership via email and/or
ballot. Votes will be cast to the three (3) member Nominating Committee who will count the
results.  The result of the election will be communicated within three (3) days.

Offices may be co-chaired with the approval of the Board.

In the event of death, resignation or removal of an officer (other than the President), her
successor shall be selected by the Board members and shall serve the remainder of her term
(one year).

Removal of Officers
Should the Board feel that an officer or an appointee be grossly negligent of their duties, after
two (2) attempts to remedy the situation, a deadline will be communicated for action.  If the
duties are not met to the satisfaction of the Board by that deadline, a vote will be taken to
remove the individual from their responsibilities.  A majority of voting Board members will be
required to remove the individual from service.

Article IX - Duties of Elected Officers
The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and Board. The President shall
coordinate the efforts of all officers to maintain order in the Club’s functioning. The President
shall appoint any special committee deemed necessary. The President shall have check signing
power as well as the Treasurer.  The President shall attend Board meetings and maintain
records of activity.

The First Vice-President shall serve as
Membership Chairman. The Membership Chairman
shall fill the position of President, if necessary, at a meeting or in the event the position becomes
vacant. The Membership Chairman shall keep an up-to-date list of all members and prospective
members of the Club and make sure that each new member receives a current newsletter, a
copy of the bylaws and a welcome letter. The Membership Chairman should attend Board
meetings and maintain records of activity.  

The Second Vice-President shall serve as
Program Chairman and preside at meetings if
neither the President nor First Vice-President is present. The Program Chairman shall be
responsible for arranging and introducing a minimum of seven (7) programs per planning year.
The Program Chairman shall coordinate Activity Chairmen.  The Program Chairman should
attend Board meetings and maintain records of activity.

Recording Secretary shall take minutes at all Board meetings and send those to Board
members within seven (7) days for review.  The Recording Secretary shall attend Board
meetings and maintain copies of all minutes.

Treasurer shall collect all dues, receive all monies for the Club and deposit it in the
approved bank. The Treasurer shall keep an up-to-date list of members and give a copy of the
list to the First Vice-President and any other positions that require it as needed. The Treasurer
shall be in charge of all funds and shall pay all bills. General Club expenses exceeding the line
item budget will be paid only after they have been presented to the Treasurer and approved by
the Board or President. The Treasurer shall report all receipts, expenditures and bills
outstanding at each Board meeting. The Treasurer shall supply the Board with statements of
such. The Treasurer shall check the PO Box at least bi-weekly.  The Treasurer shall attend
Board meetings and maintain records of all activity.

Corresponding Secretary shall write all letters that bear the Club signature. The
Corresponding Secretary shall also write a thank you note to any outside individual who has
presented a program or favor to the Club. The Corresponding Secretary shall send greeting
cards to members, who are ill, have babies or have experienced a loss in the family. The
Corresponding Secretary shall send out the monthly newsletter and email all official Club
correspondence.  The Corresponding Secretary shall keep a current email roster and send
electronic invitations (Evites).  The Corresponding Secretary shall attend Board meetings and
maintain records of her activity.

Newsletter Editor is responsible for collecting and publishing monthly information about
the club, its members and community, no later than the 1st day of each month during the
programming year. The Editor will write and edit the final copy, print in any suitable way and mail
or email the Newsletter to the Corresponding Secretary for distribution to members in good
standing and prospective members.   The Newsletter Editor shall attend Board Meetings and
maintain record of her activity.

Publicity Chairman shall write, prepare and publicize information on Club meetings,
activities, and functions in an effort to increase awareness of the Club within the community.  
The Publicity Chairman will inventory and maintain marketing materials and signs.  The Publicity
Chairman will contact all new residents of Peters Township and invite them to participate in the
Club.  The Publicity Chairman will prepare and distribute invitations to the annual Kick-off
meeting.  The Publicity Chairman will attend Board meetings and maintain record of her activity.

Ways and Means Chairman shall devise plans for raising funds for the Club and submit a
record of all expenditures and funds raised to the Board. The Ways and Means Chairman will
coordinate with newsletter advertisers to ensure revenue potential is maintained.  The money
raised from Ways and Means projects shall be turned over to the Treasurer. This may be done
by as many projects as necessary throughout the year.  The Ways and Means Chairman will
attend Board meetings and maintain records of their activity.

Civics and Services Chairman shall be in charge of all charitable and civic projects and
shall investigate opportunities for members to volunteer their services within the community.  
The Civics and Services Chairman shall attend Board meetings and maintain records of their

Parliamentarian shall see to it that parliamentary procedure is followed at the Board
meetings. Robert's Rules of Order (revised) shall be the parliamentary authority for this Club.
The Parliamentarian shall also chair any bylaw revision or amendment meetings. After revisions
have been voted on by the membership, shall rewrite the by-laws and give copies to the Elected
and Appointed Board and make copies available to all members.  In the absence of the
Parliamentarian, a Board member other than the President shall fill this role.  The
Parliamentarian should attend Board meetings.

Article X - Duties of Appointed Officers
The President may appoint special committees, as deemed necessary. A Nominating Committee
(Article VIII) and Finance Committee (Article XI) shall be set up each year.

All officers of the Board may appoint their own committees in order to assist them in carrying out
their functions. The officer shall be the Chairman of the committee. No committee action may be
taken until submitted to the Board for approval.

Article XI - Budget
The fiscal year will run from July 1 through June 30.

A Finance Committee shall be established to set a budget for the following year. The Finance
Committee shall consist of the President, the Treasurer and a minimum of  three (3) members
chosen by the President. The incoming President and Treasurer shall also attend the Finance
Committee meeting.

Article XII - Commitment of this Club
Any resolution, motions or other matters committing this Club to a course of action such as a
request for funds, assistance, endorsements, or special meetings shall not be considered by this
Club until it has been submitted to the Board and approved.

If the Finance Committee determines that a charitable contribution is appropriate based on year
end balances, the suggested amount will be communicated with the general membership.  The
members will be given seven (7) days to nominate recipients for the Board’s consideration. The
Board will evaluate the applicants and determine the appropriate number of gifts to be given.  A
list of screened finalists will be presented to the general membership for final selection.  These
numbers may vary annually based on potential contribution amounts. Preference will be given to
organizations that serve our local community.

Article XIII - Business Solicitation
Peters Township Newcomers and Neighbors Club is organized to promote social and/or civic
activities among its members. Further, the Club is a nonprofit organization whose fundraising
projects are intended to support the Club’s activities and programs. Therefore, the PTNN Board
Members maintain that it is inappropriate to wear any business name tags, bring
displays/products, or solicit for your business at any function not specifically organized for that
purpose. That does not include the advertisements for personal businesses that are paid for in
the monthly newsletters. Solicitation for your business via club member e-mail listing is also

Article XIV - Dissolution of the Club
Should this Club dissolve for any reason, after a six (6) month waiting period, all funds in the
Treasury should be divided and be given to three (3) local charities.

Standing Rules
1. Dues for General membership shall be $30.00 (revised 2006), payable at the first General
meeting in September. If dues are not paid by October 31st, then membership will be
discontinued. New members as of January 1st will pay $20.00 (revised 2006).

2. Upon completion of a year-end financial report it shall be presented to the general
membership and published in the newsletter or sent via email.

3. Attendance sheets shall be kept for the activities and socials. The chairmen shall inform the
First Vice President of all non-member participation.

4. No refunds shall be made for meetings where reservation fees are required.

5. Solicitations for donations by any member, in the name of the Club must have prior approval
by the Board.
Membership dues will be collected at the Fall Kick-off... Sept 14, 2017.

Returning members should pay their 2018 - 2019 membership dues by October
31, 201
8 but are invited to renew for the year at any time. Please send your
check for $30 made out to
PTNC to:
                   P.O. Box 824
                   McMurray, PA 15317

      Brand new members are welcomed to join all year long!  Please click
here to open the Membership Form .pdf file.  You can print it, fill it out,
and send it in with your check for
$30. (NOTE: If joining after January 1st,
BRAND NEW MEMBERS can pay the prorated dues amount of $20.)

When becoming a member, you will receive our monthly newsletter, an
Evite for all of our programs/activities, invitations to meet women in our
area at wonderful events, and will be given many different opportunities to
give back to our community.  Please join us for lots of fun and wonderful

If you have any questions before joining, feel free to contact our VP of
Membership, Machi Simon: